LED Color Changing Night Lamps for Police, Fire Depts., Event Planners, Religious and Dental/Medical personnel.

Better than having your name in lights!

Suffolk County Police Badge (SCPD) with Numbers Gift Light -- Best Police Gift.

A great gift for any member of the Suffolk County police force. The engraved acrylic color changing desk light is edge lit with colors.

Perfect for Suffolk County Police Academy Graduation, Promotion, Retirement. Great for Father's Day or Mother's Day and Christmas too.

Can be customized with the badge number of the Suffolk County officer you're gifting this to.

The LED light of the Suffolk County Police Badge Gift Light can cycle between 7 colors. Adds a captivating atmosphere to the room where you place it. Can be set to show any one color or can cycle through the 7 colors.

Power Adapter included so you don't need to change batteries every now and then.

  • ***We are the ONLY company offering bases WITH 110v (INPUT) POWER ADAPTERS.***

Can also be powered by 3x AA batteries (not included) or via the included USB cable.

What's In the Box:

  • Custom-Made Acrylic Plaque with Logo and Personalization
  • 7 Color LED Base
  • USB Power Cable
  • Power Adapter

Want a New Badge Design? NO Problem! We do custom designs too!

Contact Us, or send an email to premdisplay@gmail.com.

When placing your order:

  • Mention the number you want engraved on the badge in the Cart page, or send us the badge number via email.
  • If ordering a custom patch item, send us a photo of the custom patch or logo via email.

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